Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to make a mini bookmark

How to make a mini bookmark

Tools and products you will need for this project

a)   Piece of card (10cm or 4.25" long by 5cm wide) (can be matching the card used to make the Post-it Note holder - see previous blog)
b)   Contrasting card - 4cm square (we have used the Woodward Giant 2.5" Scalloped edge punch - click here for a link as to where you can buy it from Handy Hippo
c)   Decoration for above
d)   Hole punch and eyelet - we have used the Crop-a-dile eyelet setter with a 1/16" eyelet - but see below to watch a video from www.stamptv.ning.com to see how you can use just a pen to set an eyelet in a card project - really useful video**
e)  Ribbon or Baker's twine 
f)  Corner rounder - we have used the the Woodward corner punch which you can get from Handy Hippo

Instructions how to make it 

1)  Cut your card to 10cm x 5cm - if you have made the Post-it note holder from our previous blog you should have a piece of card left over that will do for this.
2)  Round all the corners with the Woodware corner punch
3)  Punch a square from the contrasting card using the Giant 2.5" Woodware punch
4)  Place the square at the top of the other card and using your Crop-a-dile punch through both pieces of card - approx 1cm from the top
5)  Using the 1/16" eyelet, place it through both pieces and secure it using the Crop-a-dile - this will mean that the contrasting square will be attached to the base card but there will be space for you to place it in the book at the place you need it

6)  Add whatever decoration you would like to this piece of card - I have used a Celtic Square peel-off sticker - Multi on black  (small one) from Craft Creations 
7)  Then add the ribbon or Baker's twine either knotting it or by doubling it up, threading the looped end through the eyelet and then pass the loose ends through it to attach it.

And there you go... one very easy Bookmark that is slightly different from your normal one!

How to use a pen to set an eyelet in a card project video from www.Stamptv.ning.com   


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  2. What a great post, I've just ordered a Corner Rounder from Handy Hippo as a result, I hope you get commission :)

    Found my way here in a roundabout way from Handmade Monday, I'm also a new follower.


    1. That is great - I am so glad you liked the post - I will be posting more "how to" do things soon so I hope you enjoy them too :)