Saturday, 29 December 2012

Transform an ordinary A5 notebook into something special!

Have you ever had a notebook and thought it looked a bit boring? Then here is how I have transformed an ordinary Black n Red A5 spiral bound notebook into something personal to me - you can make these to give to people or just keep it yourself!

Products you will need for this project: 
  • A5 notebook (I have used a Black n Red notebook but you can use any plain one)
  • Patterned paper or card (2 pieces of A4 - 1 cut into half) (I have used A4 sheets bought from Craft Creations which is really good quality)
  • Green frame (you can use these from my Fizzy Designs collection) or any design you like
  • Contrasting backing card for the frame (I used the 4" strips of green and white spotty paper which you can get again from Craft Creations
  • Raffia (Contrasting/matching)- optional
  • Crafters Companion Double sided Adhesive tape (available from Handy Hippo)
  • Craft Creations fingerlift tape 6mm
Stage 1

1)  Take the notebook and measure both front and back covers (taking into account the spiral spine) - approx 150x203mm
2)  Cut 2 pieces of the patterned paper to cover both covers again using either double sided adhesive tape - I like the Crafters Companion double sided adhesive tape roller (which you can obtain here) or the double sided 6mm fingerlift adhesive tape which can be bought here

Stage 2

3)  You now need to make the edging for both the front and back of the notebook - as you can see from the design, I have chosen a contrasting green and white spotty paper which you need to cut to 40x203mm which you need to then attach covering both sides of each cover (making sure they are equal) 

Stage 3

4)  Cut out the frame carefully and glue it to matching card (100x100mm approx) and place it about 13mm from the top and centre it

Stage 4

5)  You can then glue some contrasting ribbon or raffia to the edge nearest the spiral spine

Stage 1 Part 1

Stage 1 pt 2
Stage 2 pt 1

 Stage 3 (above and below)
Stage 4 - completed notebook