Saturday, 3 November 2012

Third blog - now this is definitely some form of record!

Since the last one, I have been really busy with the design of my website - I have to get used to accepting that it is ok and not be constantly trying to make it just right - that can be done at a later date....

I have spent the last week both working at my daytime job (though I did have a day off to see my daughter (and then the next day off to recover from the pub lunch.....need I say more?...)

As several people have commented, I do need to widen the number of products that we have to offer and am now looking at what sort of items might complement our range? At the moment I am concentrating on Christmas gifts etc but it is probably a bit too late to get anything for this year, so am now wondering about Valentine's Day gifts, Mother's Day and so on.

One of the Companies I use for some of the designs, has a brilliant range of images of old fashioned recipes and I am planning (or would like to) to offer a card, recipe book and the actual recipe made up as a gift - I don't do cooking as I haven't got the relevant equipment but would love to hear from either an individual or company who might like to do this for me? I think these would make brilliant gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter especially - so if you know of anyone who might want to do this - please let me know! I can be contacted here

Anyway, back to the website......

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