Sunday, 28 October 2012

Having spent most of the weekend on designing my website, I have come to the conclusion that there must be a website provider out there that is a mix of the 2 that I use. 

I don't know about other people, but I find the templates that are on offer (and I know there are  hundreds) quite restricting - I find one that I like and then find you can't change the background colour or the size of each column. I then find another one that I think "hurray" but then find the colours aren't right - hmmmm.

So, I am now using one that allows me to design the template I like, but because it is based in the US, doesn't offer the proper shopping cart facility I want. I am therefore having to create each Paypal button individually which is SOOOO time consuming. I want to be able to amend the HTML which I think I can do if it is non-encrypted but if it is (which is recommended) I can't just copy and paste the original code and amend it to the next product. If there is any techie type of person who might read this and could help me with this predicament then I would be so grateful.

I have tried to use one UK based provider for some time now but the limitations of size of image etc means that I am forever trying to add images to it - so I have given up on it - but the shopping cart is what I want. 

Confused? Me - well perhaps I am but I am going to persevere with the original one until that magical day when there is a perfect provider out there!

Snowman Christmas Card - Season's Greetings - personalisation possible £2.25 inc p&p

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